Waterful experiences in Estonia and Latvia
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The West-Estonia coastline invitesyou to travel through idyllic villagesand farmstead landscapes, or to takea sunny trip along the seacoast andenjoy long sunsets. There are over500 kilometer long roads and trailsalong the coastline, taking in cultural,historical and nature landscapes.Kayakingis possible nearly all along the coastlinewhich is famous for sandy beaches andcliffs and about one and a half thousandislands and islets. The coastline of Estonia is an important stop-over sitefor migratory waterfowl, and seals canbe found near the islands.


We reccomend!

  • Historic steamboat “Kallis Mari” invites everybody on board! Steamboat can accommodate up to ten passengers at one time. With the romantic steamboat it is possible to have a trip along the Haapsalu Bay. More information: www.salm.ee  
  • We offer exciting kayak, bicycle and other trips in the coast of West-Estonia for any age and in any time of year! All travelling-lovers, both experienced and beginners are welcomed. More information www.matkakeskus.eu
  • Saaremaa coast is a paradise for kite surfing, because the long coast is ideally suited for speeding with kiteboard on water surface or windsurfing. www.mandjalasurfclub.com
  • Kärdla port offers the possibility to go in the sea to view seals. During the trip we will see the seal colony, it is possible to visit any of the many islets to get to know its wild and beautiful nature. www.tiitreisid.ee
  • Pärnu specific location between the river and the sea will offer you a wide range of water tourism enjoyment opportunities. Try, for example, kayak trips along the Bay of Pärnu. www.seiklevabaks.ee



The South-Estonia is famousfor its hills, river valleys and lakes. Thenature in Southern Estonia interactswith culture in different ways. Thereare a number of Russian Old Believerscommunities on the coast of LakePeipsi, the fifth largest lake in Europe.To this day, the Old Believers maintainage-old traditions and survive onfishing and cultivating vegetables. There are 35 species offish in Lake Vortsjärv, which is animportant place for migrating birds, but also offers interesting traditional sailing boats trips.Vohandu, the longest Estonian river,marks the historical border of thesouthern part of Estonia and theterritory inhabited by the Setupeoplewhere the residents still maintain theirancient traditions.


We reccomend:

  • Every year in April everybody has the opportunity to participate in one of the most beautiful and the most difficult boating marathons in Europe - Võhandu Marathon. www.vohandumaraton.ee
  • Lake Võrtsjärv you will be welcomed by “Kalepurjekas” team. We invite you to go in trips along Võrtsjärv in groups of to 12 persons. www.vortsjarv.ee
  • Lake Peipsi is the fourth largest lake and the biggest transboundary water body in Europe. Peipsi offers for you opportunities of traditional fishing, sailing, boating and water sports. www.visitpeipsi.com
  • Floods in Soomaa are the fifth season, which is usually formed along with the melting of ice and snow. But such fifth season may occur also the rainy summer, or autumn, or even in winter. Soomaa National Park provides opportunity to canoeing throughout the whole year. www.soomaa.com
  • “Emajõe Jõeriik” invites everybody to a very exciting and family-oriented canoe trip along the River Amme past the Voorema hills!



Kurzeme is amongst the greenestregions of Latvia, tempting sailors with itsports, both big and small, sun seekers –with its sandy beaches, and nature lovers –with cliffs and protected dunes. Kurzeme’senvironment is particularly unique dueto its ancient fishing villages and townswhere guests are able to feel the breath ofhistory and modern urban infrastructureand the rhythm of life at the same time. Rivers are the truetreasures of Kurzeme – there are about20 rivers for canoeing, surrounded byforests and meadows in the westernpart of the region. Most of themflow into the sea, and therefore anopportunity to finish a canoe trip inopen waters evokes the most exquisiteemotions even in very experienced lovers of paddling.

We reccomend:

  • Classic of Kurzeme - Abava in section between Kandava and Renda will provide a real pleasure for everybody, not only with beautiful nature views of Abava ancient valley, but also with option to stop in the banks of the river to enjoy the homemade wine and cheeses, to view nature trails, to have a toboggan ride and much more.
  • The longest Kurzeme route (97 km) Lake Usma - Engure – Lake Puze - Rinda - Irbe – estuary into the Baltic Sea - warrants at least 5 bright and unforgettable days on the water – during the whole route you will be delighted by fascinating, wild and varying landscapes. 
  • Little known River Rīva will be a real discovery for every boater - steep, sinuous and gorgeous 1 day (18 km) adventure may begin near the Rīva village and go up to the Baltic Sea. This trip can be supplemented with boating at sea up to Pāvilosta.  
  • With the boat to the Kolka lighthouse - the only Latvian lighthouse what is located on an artificial island in the sea near Kolka Cape.


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Riga region

The Riga region is on the outskirts ofthe capital Riga. Although it is a denselypopulated area with an active businessenvironment, it offers a wide rangeof outdoor recreation opportunities.There are not many cities in Europewhere people are able to enjoy an urban environment while at the sametime relaxing in peace and quietofnature or taking part in forest or waterrecreation activities in the surroundingarea. A beach on the coast of the Gulf ofRiga is about a half-hour’s drive awayfrom the city. Also there is a number ofrecreational places by the river Daugavaand the river Lielupe.Downtown Riga also offers active leisurefacilities like boating along the City Canalor the city’s lakes. Travelling along theCity Canal offers a different perspectiveof the city. There are a lot of lakes near the capital Riga offering a variety ofactive water sports opportunities. Thecalm river-mouths of the river Gaujaand the river Daugava are perfect forrelaxing stand-up paddling that may becombined with yoga or fitness elementson windless days.

We reccomend:

  • In periods of high-water, the Lielā Jugla river has many rapids that form large waves between Bajari and Zaķumuiža. The banks of the river are mostly overgrown with bushes, so make sure you choose the best time for a landing place.
  • The character of Svetupe and Jaunupe rivers changes depending on the season. The river flows faster in high-water periods, offering a fast ride, while in summer it challenges you with fallen trees and shallow rapids. To enjoy the rocky cliffs and the challenging river bed, choose proper equipment; recommended for skilled tourists. 
  • Misa River is easily to canoe and located very close to capital; wild banks alternate with garden areas. In the high-water season you can navigate the canoe across overflow meadows.
  • Daugava (over Rigas Hydroelectric power station) is the perfect route for beginners and paddlers interested in history related objects – World War I Memorial on the Island of Death (Naves sala), a number of castle mounds, etc.
  • Vidzeme rocky seaside from Tuja to Vitrupe is one of the most spectacular parts of the Baltic Sea coast. It is famous for untouched rocky capes, picturesque sandstone outcrops which are unique in the Baltic States. The route also includes also Kurmrags lighthouse, the Tuja pier and the Vitrupe ravine.
  • Night in Riga – take a boat or SUP trip to Riga city centre which looks like a spectacular stage. The trip starts in the evening with a view of the sunset over the river Daugava, followed by a performance of the city lights and lanterns and illuminated bridges of the City Canal. What a wonderful night in Riga!
  • Vecslocene river is rich in contrasts, surprisingly close to Riga. The river is the best choice for people who love nature but are too busy to take longer trips outside the city. Paddling down the Vecslocene River offers also an opportunity to watch the diversity of birds and plants in the Kemeri National Park. The river is surrounded by reed banks, creating labyrinths and making you feel like being in an exotic place.


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Vidzeme is a region in the central andnorthern part of Latvia. Here, boatmenhave always been attracted by the riverGauja, the most mythical and longestriver in Latvia, and the oldest nationalpark, the Gauja National Park. Vidzemeis also blessed with some other beautifulrivers – the picturesque river Salaca, theriverBrasla, and the river Amata whichis said to be the only mountain river inLatvia. Beautiful nature, traditions andthe important cultural and architecturalheritage of Vidzeme allows you to feel thebreath of history and the natural wealthof the region.


We reccomend:

  • Enjoy boating in one of the most beautiful rivers of Vidzeme - Salaca. Sandstone rock outcrops and caves in Mazsalaca surrounding, as well as well arranged free resting places will be nice pleasure for every boater 
  • “Vaidavings” (trip along the Vaidava) – original way for exploration of the river by walking on foot along the riverbed of the River Vaidava during low water period.
  • Start the boating in the Gauja with small ~ 1 km trip along the River Rauna and then go further to Cēsis, Līgatne or Sigulda. 
  • Wild landscape of Pededze coasts will be a true delight for nature lovers, enjoy the most beautiful section of this river from Litene to the bridge of motorway P36 Gulbene - Rēzekne.
  • Small serpentine River Brasla with gorgeous sandstone rock outcrops will be a real enjoyment in your holidays. 

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